At Recruitment Tools & Systems 

we don’t recruit, we build your recruitment function we run your recruitment function we teach you how to be awesome at recruitment we improve the efficiency of your recruitment function and we help you choose the right recruitment systems

Build & Drive

At Recruitment Tools & Systems we will build you a customised recruitment function.  This can be an internal recruitment function or a new division within a recruitment agency, we can do it all. When we say build, we cover it all including systems, processes, policies, hire the people, train them and even create a management framework for your new recruitment division. We can even run the recruitment function for you. It’s a turn key solution

Recruitment Support

Have you ever wished you had somewhere to turn just to ask a question. What is the best database to use, How do I find these people, What am I doing wrong here, Why can’t I find anyone. We offer a complete support package to help your recruitment function be the best it can be. No need to spend $200k on a recruitment expert when we are on-call for you whenever you need us. You can ask us anything about recruitment.

Recruitment Training

It is difficult to get people trained up to be able to recruit efficiently so we have built a range of training modules to take that load off you. Our training modules are all online, come with video, workbooks, audio and supplementary materials when available. Suitable for agency, in-house or ad-hoc recruiters and cost effective. You can find them all at – our online recruitment training portal


You are an extremely busy person and the last thing you have time for is running a recruitment function. We have over 25 yrs experience managing some of the largest/most successful recruitment functions in Australia. Use us to make your recruitment team more effective. An increase in effectiveness improves efficiency and that means an increase in profit for agencies. You focus on what you do best, we’ll handle this for you.